Puberty Classes

The Talk Institute provides a reproductive health program called Let’s Chat for Girls designed for parents and their kids to take together in a small, intimate group. I don’t know about all of you, but it seems these days, many parents are unsure when to start talking to their children about sex and growing up. What to say and how much to say can be troubling at times.  This program is excellent for parents who are interested in participating in their children’s education about sexuality and in sharing their values.
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Cancellation policy: Beverly Hills Pediatrics is excited to offer new classes and workshops to its patients. We understand that sometimes schedule changes are necessary, but respectfully request at least a 72 hour notice for cancellations. Please understand that when you cancel your attendance for a class, BHP still has to compensate the instructor for your unfilled spot. If you cancel with less than a 72 hour notice or do not show for your registered class, you will be charged the full amount for that class.