There are many different causes of pink eye or an eye with yellow discharge. Since there are many different causes of conjunctivitis and they are usually not dangerous, pink eye will not be treated over the phone. Any suspected eye concern should be seen by your doctor in the office in order to differentiate the proper cause and treatment course. Most of the causes are self resolving or can be treated with a short course of eye drops. The following is a list of common causes for a pink eye or an eye with goopy, yellow discharge.

CALL YOUR DOCTOR IF: Swelling or redness all around the eye, eye is bulging outward (proptosis), or the eye is painful when you touch or move it.

Common Eye Concern Quick Chart

Eye Concerns Cause Symptoms Treatment
Virus Pink eye, little or no discharge None Warm Compress
Bacterial Pink eye, yellow discharge Antibiotic eye drops
Clogged Tear Duct Clear eye, watery or yellow discharge Massage, breast milk, warm compresses
Allergic Clear or red eye, clear or no discharge, itchy Antihistamine eye drops or oral antihistamine

Please use this as a quick guide only!