Parenting Classes

Your Child’s First Device and Tech Proofing

This course will cover how to create a meaningful and safe transition to a technology device with your child for use both inside and outside of the home. We will also go over creating guidelines and healthy boundaries for technology use in your home. Designed for parents of preschool to early elementary school children.

Independent (Private) Schools 101

When it comes to receiving a quality education, independent schools are often assumed to be the obvious choice over public schools. What is a quality education? Are there common criteria? Is an independent school education worth the very high price tag? Come explore all of these topics and more as we take a look inside the world of independent schools.

Topics covered:
• Overview – Public vs. Private Schools
• Types of Private Schools
• List of Things to Consider While Exploring Private Schools

Let us know what interests you and keep checking back in.  We appreciate your feedback and we will be adding more classes in the near future!

Bio: Collette Bowers Zinn is a fourth generation educator with fifteen years of school administrative experience. Serving as an “educational support conduit” for classroom educators, parents, administrators, and the students they serve is her life’s passion. She thrives on finding innovative ways to inspire young people to reach their potential, and is equally passionate about finding ways to cultivate dynamic leaders among her fellow educators so that they are optimally able to connect with and inspire their students. Collette created Zinn Education Management as a resource to provide a plethora of educational support for families and students, including tutoring, homework help, organization and study skills, independent school application support, test prep, technology, behavior management, educational therapy, teacher professional development, and much more!
Beverly Hills Pediatrics: Parenting Classes

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