At Beverly Hills Pediatrics we long ago recognized that pediatrics is in fact a family affair.

Office visits with first-time parents might start with very specific questions about a skin irritation or feeding, but those visits come alive when the conversation rightly shifts to a richer interaction about the million challenges associated with being a new parent. Visits with toddlers continue the theme, as runny noses and scraped knees are quickly appreciated for what they are, namely the physical consequences of an exciting new stage. Even as our teenage patients begin to ask their parents to step out of the room, our job remains the same: being there with answers for the problems medicine can solve and openness when talking is in fact the best medicine.

We refer to all this as “family room” pediatrics. Because our goal is for our offices to feel like an extension of your home, where appointments are long enough and the setting warm enough that visits with us can be so much more than simply medical interactions.

Our own family has grown steadily since Scott Cohen and Bess Raker first launched the practice back in 2006. In 2010, Inessa Grinberg joined as the third anchor for our Beverly Hills location. A few years after came fantastic colleagues including John Pham, Kacey O’Malley and Alexandra McCollum. In recent years we have with great excitement introduced weekend sick visits through our After Hours Urgent Care, lactation consultations right in the office, telemedicine so that our patients can reach us by video call, and, most recently, a brand new second location in Studio City. Our valley location is headlined by a ten-year veteran pediatrician, Karen Hovav, with Scott Cohen, Bess Raker and Inessa Grinberg each seeing patients in this location one day a week.

To prospective families, then, welcome. This website offers a ton more information about our practice, and our doctors also regularly host informal get-to-know-us sessions in the evenings; for those, please call the front office to schedule.

And, to our existing patients, a heartfelt thank you, both for letting us be part of your families, and for being such an important part of ours.

Please explore our website and be sure to read about our wonderful doctors and staff! We are excited to meet you!


Beverly HIlls Pediatrics