CPR and First-Aid Class

In hopes of continuing to provide our patients with the best care and support, Beverly Hills Pediatrics has paired up with Save a Little Life to offer a hands-on CPR and First Aid course in our office. This is a 90-120 minute course designed to review common injuries that require immediate first-aid (bleeding, head injuries, fractures, poisoning, mouth injuries and more), get practice in child and infant CPR, and go over choking prevention. This course will not offer a certification. It will instead focus on possible emergency scenarios and direct practice with mannequins. We strongly recommend this review for all parents, grandparents and babysitters. As this is a class for caregivers, please arrange for childcare for your little ones.
Beverly Hills Pediatrics: CPR Classes

Cancellation policy: Beverly Hills Pediatrics is excited to offer new classes and workshops to its patients. We understand that sometimes schedule changes are necessary, but respectfully request at least a 72 hour notice for cancellations. Please understand that when you cancel your attendance for a class, BHP still has to compensate the instructor for your unfilled spot. If you cancel with less than a 72 hour notice or do not show for your registered class, you will be charged the full amount for that class.